4 Week KickStart to Strength

 4 Week KickStart Foundation to Strength

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Do you Struggle To Go To The Gym?
Maybe The Fear Of Attending A Gym Is What Is Preventing You From Starting.
What If I Were To Give You A
Four Week Home Based Bodyweight Training Program

Welcome to The 4 Week KickStart Bodyweight Foundation to Strength
Over the next few weeks you will be transforming your body with Strength training. The program you are about to partake in is no easy task.

The workouts can be challenging, and you will have to push through to complete it. With that said, however, I guarantee you will start getting the Strength results on this plan.
Each of the four weeks are perfectly designed to challenge you and continue bringing you results throughout the entire program.

The workouts that you will be doing take 100% focus on each rep and each set. There will be no watching TV, small talk, and no long water breaks as you are in the gym for one reason: to get results.
No matter what your fitness level right now, The keys to training success are pretty simple.
you only need to focus on these four points...

Show up every day
Train like you would if you knew your child was watching
Focus on the seven movements patterns
Follow a realistic eating plan

Do these four things CONSISTENTLY and the results follow!
You WILL move better
You WILL look better
You WILL feel better

I have outlined everything perfectly for you, Simply follow the guidelines and you are guaranteed to get results to starting strength and Building your Foundations.
I thank you for using the The 4 Week KickStart Bodyweight Foundation to Strength program and I cannot wait to what is to come!
To your success,

Jason Depaoli (CSCS)

Founder: The 4 Week Bodyweight Foundation to Strength.

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