The Trainers Edge kettlebell training Exeter
delivers extreme all-round fitness.

No single other tool does it better.

Is Kettlebell training for you?
Do you want to lower your body fat, discover your true strength and get that physique you’ve always wanted, if the answer is yes then The Trainers Edge is the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female

Why choose Kettlebell training?
Kettlebell training delivers extreme all-round fitness and no single other tool does it better; it is strength training, fat loss and a cardiovascular workout all in one.
Research has shown that this is an exceptionally effective, efficient and safe way at improving components of fitness such as dynamic strength, endurance, muscle building and fat loss.
With kettlebell training you will use a mixture of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises within a strength and conditioning framework that will challenge you and change the way you look and feel. Your whole body will be worked as one entity unleashing your true strength and leading to amazing results.

What are the benefits?
    •    Dynamic Strength
    •    Muscle Building
    •    Fat Loss
    •    Improved Endurance

Come to The Trainers Edge Kettlebell Training and build a better you!

A sample Kettlebell session


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Meet Adam

I'm Adam... I was 'That FAT Guy'... You know... The guy thats overweight, but doesn't do anything abut it...
Why not? Cause, I was scared!

"I contacted Jason at 'The Trainers Edge'... I put my faith in Jason, who put me on a simple plan...
NO FANCY DIETS. NO FANCY EXERCISE... NO FANCY ANYTHING.If it wasn't for Jason, I wouldn't have been able to keep to my routine,but with his encouragement, and accountability... IT WAS EASY!."

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