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Online Training/Coaching
Due to popular demand, The Trainers Edge now offers Online Coaching.

This service is proving popular with those who are regular gym users but want to take their Nutrition and Workout knowledge to the next level in order to achieve their desired physique.
The online Training & coaching plans are based solely on working with you no matter where you are in the world via your very own computer.

We can help you achieve results by communicating regularly each week.


This is a great way of testing your own self discipline & drive to get where you want to be.
Whether your goals are ‘Weight Loss, Muscle Gain/Strength, or The Cover Model Look’ we can help.

You will be able to contact us directly for assistance with progressing your workouts, and manipulating your nutrition plan each month.

More on Online Coaching will be updated soon....

We have a complete 12 week system that will change the way you think of Online Coaching for ever....



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