Is your strength increasing?
        Are your scales moving in the right direction?
        Are you getting the results you expected?
        Do you move freely without pain?

If you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions then its time you stopped wasting your money.


You need a Results driven personal training customised to your fitness level and goals.
Private 1-2-1 training is catered to your individual needs and includes a fitness assessment, a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, and nutritional programs. The Trainers Edge is here to help clients not only reach, but surpass their goals and we thrive on every improvement and success made during each 1 on 1 session.
Also Semi-private training is a great way of getting personal training at smaller cost with the added motivation of working with friends or family who will also be there to support you throughout training.

The program offers a Complete Approach:


Step 1. Evaluation:  
We conduct a basic health and fitness assessment to establish a baseline and identify areas for improvement.

Step 2.  Coaching and goal setting
Coaching and goal setting are held with the highest regard here at The Trainers Edge. With solid, structured goals and appropriate coaching, achieving the results you want becomes much easier. Plus with Nutrition guidence, At The Trainers Edge we guide you with individual nutrition plans that consider your taste and lifestyle to optimise your goals.

Step 3. Workout Design:

Individually tailored program based on you and your goals, We take every client through a personalised workout, teaching correct movements and techniques. We also create personal workout routines for clients to follow between sessions.

Step 4. Measurement:

Measuring body fat and muscle mass is a great way of tracking your progress.

We perform periodic check-ins to track progress against your goals and keep you accountable.

We use the most efficient training tools and programs to bring about your goals in the shortest time possible.

Here are breakdown deals for training..

Pay as you go - £40 per single session



ONE 2 ONE for 4 weeks…

A. 1 session per week - £160 (40)
B. 2 sessions per week - £280  (35)
C. 3 sessions per week - £360 (30)

ONE 2 ONE for 8 weeks (£50 Deposit)

A. 1 session per week -   (CALL FOR PRICE)
B. 2 sessions per week -   (CALL FOR PRICE)
C. 3 sessions per week  -   (CALL FOR PRICE)

ONE 2 ONE for 12 weeks (£100 Deposit)

A. 1 session per week -  (CALL FOR PRICE)
B. 2 sessions per week -  (CALL FOR PRICE)
C. 3 sessions per week -   (CALL FOR PRICE)

All Packages includes: Initial Consultation, Body Stats, Postural Analysis plus Exercise, Nutritional guides, Constant support

All personal training services are open to all ages and levels. No experience is necessary – just the will to achieve! One on one, semi-private, or group sessions are available at our studio, in home, office, or clinic format.

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Meet Christie

I have been training with Jason at home for just a few months now, I’ve been continuously working hard to reach my goals and I am seeing amazing progress!

"He is great! I told jason the areas I wanted to focus on and our hard work is paying off. I look and feel leaner. I love training at battling the crowds at the gym...and no excuses to skip a workout.."

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