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If so then our strength and conditioning is for you.

Strength training and physical conditioning is one of the most respected and oldest disciplines around.
The approach is simple. Start where you are and gradually increase your strength. Strength is mainly a SKILL. So like any skill the more you practice it the better you become. Instead of thinking of your strength training days as "workouts" think of them as "practices" instead and you'll make better gains.
Strength is mainly a function of your Central Nervous System (CNS). You're basically teaching your central nervous system to contract your muscles harder, in effect "be stronger" to perform at higher and higher levels of strength (as you put them under this pressure through the process of progressive overload)

Why train for strength?
Strength training will help you in virtually every area of your life. Here's a partial list of the benefits.
* Muscle Building. Strength training builds muscle - basically your body will grow more muscle to adapt to the demands you place on it through strength training. It's a by-product of increasing your strength.

* Fat Loss. Muscle mass will burn more calories whether you're actively working out, sitting on the couch or sleeping. More muscle mass thus increases your metabolism, which leads to fat loss. Men can get 10% body fat year round (six pack ab levels) by strength training and women can do the same (but at 15-20%).

* Good for your health. You'll not only strengthen your muscles, but also:
- strengthen your joints
- get more bone strength
- Get more endurance and stamina
- increase your work capacity
- Increase your testosterone levels
- lower cholesterol and get good blood pressure.
- get better sleep
- etc

* Builds Discipline. Strength training builds discipline by teaching you to have a goal and continually work towards it. You achieve success over time-you can use this same principle to achieve anything else in life you want.


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What the strength and conditioning training program offers:
Functional Movement Screening
As you will be following a progressive strength training program its important that we assess your readiness to progressively lift heavier weights without injury. The Functional Movement Screen will do this and will also give you the corrective exercises needed to reach this level.
Strength and Conditioning Program
Increasing your strength and conditioning will improve your body composition by increasing you’re all important lean muscle mass, which in turn will strip of your body fat. Your increase in strength will make anything else you do in life easier which will increase your confidence and quality of life.
Technical coaching
If you want to be strong you must lift heavy weights and to lift heavy you must master proper technique. Throughout your training you will be taught the correct techniques and will have the benefit of our expert coaching to improve your techniques to maximise your potential.
Coaching and goal setting
As Qualified strength and conditioning coach, Jason will work with you to design a training programme goal setting are held with the highest regard here at The Trainers edge. With solid, structured goals and appropriate coaching, achieving the results you want becomes much easier.
Personalised nutrition Guide for long-term success
Have you ever tried to lose body fat and keep it off following a generic diet plan? If you have you will know it just doesn’t work long-term. To get long-term success with your nutrition you need a personalised nutrition guidance that is based around your body’s needs utilising natural healthy foods and one that doesn’t just rely on constant calorie cutting.

Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance Training
A comprehensive strength and conditioning program is a must for bridging the gap from being ‘good’ and ‘great.’ The Trainers Edge emphasise explosive strength and power, while developing proper movement patterns for sound athletic development. We do not do generic personal training programs for this kind of training, as they have no place in sports. To achieve your best requires training based on your sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual strengths and weaknesses. You are an athlete. You have goals. Your time is precious and you deserve nothing less.
You will be stronger, more explosive, faster, and have more stamina. You will move better, have a decreased risk of injury, and enjoy a better body composition.

The Trainers Edge pride ourselves in providing you with intelligent sport performance training: based on the latest research and science, practical application, and experience. We incorporate functional movement screens and ‘prehab’ exercises to prevent injury and improve functional movement, along with exercises and conditioning techniques that will transfer into your sport.

If you want more information regarding this training then please contact us (click on link to contact).


Meet Steve

I met Jason when he was first starting out as a trainer. I was one of his first clients. I learned early on how lucky I was to have found him:

"Jason is an absolutely amazing trainer. I continue to consult with him many years later. He stays on top of the latest research and is a well of information."

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