Best Protein For Building Muscle

Hey All.

Wether you're new to fitness and building Muscle or not, you already more than likely have at some idea that protein is important if you're trying to Build Muscle and somewhat gain weight. Some people do take this a little too far though, thinking that basically the more protein they eat, the faster they will build muscle.

Although it's definitely true that you do need protein to get those muscle gainz, more does not always mean better.

When you have reached your needs for the day, your body will just eject that which it doesn't need or use it for energy. There's going to be nothing 'magical' about consuming 300+ grams of protein each day, not unless you happen to weight in at about 100kg and more. For most people, 1.5-2 grams of protein per 1kg (roughly) of body weight is the perfect amount to satisfy their build muscle needs. Since you will already be consuming a surplus of calories (necessary in order to build muscle), you won't have to worry about the possibility of losing muscle (which is typically seen on 
a diet). Having, that said, There are some proteins better for building muscle than others? What's the story there? 
The answer to this question is going to depend on the time of the day in which you are consuming this protein. Here's a simple reference guide for you.

Before and After Workouts Right before and Right after a workout, you're going to want the protein to get to the muscle tissue cells as quickly as possible so it can use those to repair the damage and build more muscle. For this reason, a good quality protein powder is going to be your best option as it's most rapidly absorbed. To take this one step further, go with a concentrate as these are specifically designed for this reason.

Throughout The Day Next you have your protein needs during the rest of the morning, afternoon, and early evening. This is where you want to focus on whole food sources of protein because they will take longer to digest and therefore provide your muscles with an even supply of amino acids. To you, this means a steadier rate of muscle growth - exactly what you're aiming for. If times are stressful and you risk missing out on a meal, then of course, use a powder. Nothing is worse than not meeting your protein needs, so if this is the only option, go for it. The majority of the time though aim for fish, chicken, eggs, and lean red meat.

Just Before Bed Lastly, you're going to want to give your body a good dose of protein right before you go to bed so your Lean muscle you have built has something to feed on during the overnight fast.

The best protein here comes in the form of casein protein, Which Is found in Milk mainly or the slowest meat form of digesting protein, which is typically seen in lean red meat (steak, for instance). You can find casein protein powders, which are good options, but even better is to again go with solid food. Cottage cheese is perfect at this time. Combine that with some healthy fats and you can be sure that you will promote muscle growth over night.

So, if you're not quite putting thought into where your protein comes from, pay a little more attention to it. It's definitely not going to make or break a workout program if you each fish instead of beef before bed, but, it can make that extra little bit of difference when it comes to your results. You do, after all, what to achieve maximum success, don't you?

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