Strength Training For Seniors

Hi All..

I thought I will write out this blog, As this is now starting to be more and more relevant to training and Coaching People.

I Have Trained/coached Many many people over the year, and I still love training people from all Ages.

But Now I am reaching 45… Training is becoming more precious and getting just a little more difficult with every year (Just a Little)

And Keeping Strong and Keeping the Foundations Of Strength is important.

So Strength fitness training is crucial for seniors maintain or gain the use of the muscles. When people slow down to incorporate any type of regular movement into their life when they get older, the result is can be a lack of balance and mobility. By exercising the muscles through resistance exercise, mobility and balance can be restored and improved.

This is why I say that The Foundation of Health begins with Strength… Getting Strong with a good Exercise routine to keep you muscle active and flexible will help to improve your health as we all get older..

The most important muscles to begin training are your leg muscles. Incorporating walking into your weekly routine is a good start. Then individual exercises such as squats will further develop your legs and keep you strong. It's a good idea to add more compound exercises for your entire body as you get more and more fit. When you include a variety of exercises for your body you enhance good posture and overall mobility as well.

A Best form of Resistance training is Lifting Weights. From there resistance bands are another way to train. Or you can perform exercises with just your body weight. If you are just starting out with resistance training, using your body weight is an excellent place to start.

You don't have to use a lot of exercises to start. Just pick one or two movements for each body part. Start with your biggest muscles (which will be your legs) then work to the smaller muscles. Repeating each exercise after a brief rest. Try to establish a workout at least twice each week. Eventually working up to twenty or thirty minutes each session is the goal.

A combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training is ideal.

Doing resistance training two to three days a week (for example:Monday-Wednesday-Friday), then doing cardio such as walking, biking, swimming, etc. on two to three other days, is a great way to schedule your strength training exercises.

The importance of strength training for seniors can't be stressed enough. It can mean the difference between a low quality of life as opposed to a higher quality of life. In many cases, older adults just simply need to get moving again. The fact is that it doesn't even take a great deal of time or effort to see improvement in mobility once an exercise routine is established. The key is to set a few goals and keep it simple.

Improvement in overall health is the goal of an exercise program. Using resistance training and flexibility training should be done on a regular basis. As you put your routine together try some of the different types of exercise forms as part of your resistance exercise. This type of activity is important in your strength fitness training.

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