My New book 'Building Your Foundations'

If you're a newbie in the gym unsure of how you should train,

I've done all the hard work for you.

When it comes to selecting a program, the number of options available can seem overwhelming.

With so many new programs and online workouts that claim that will work for you… which TBH are many based on outdated body building type workouts, which is not for everyonethis book has been proven effective and it's very convenient for you to set up.

With so many options and training methodologies to choose from,

I decided to put together an easy-to-follow outline that is modular and adaptable..

You can buy the Book Here >>>>>

Please be sure and visit my web site. ✔ With over 15 years of experience training I with hundreds of happy clients, you can be assured from me that you will get quality support on whatever your fitness - strength training goals.


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