10 Examples Why Women Should Start Kettlebell Training

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Kettlebell training has fast become the first choice of fitness training with many top strength and conditioning coaches, around the world.

For the benefits and fast results that you can get from Kettlebells, it is no surprise that many top female Movie stars and celebrities such as Daisy Ridley, Emily Blunt, Penelope Cruz, Kate Upton, and Angelina Jolie have used kettlebell training to get in shape for whatever event/movie that they will work on.

Here are some real Good Reasons why women should train with kettlebell.

1. Increase metabolism Metabolism is the key to long-term weight management success and therefore it is very important in regards to achieving the lean, toned and athletic body. As kettlebell training is a form of weight training and utilises mainly full-body movements, it helps to raise the metabolism of the body by increasing the lean muscle mass.

2. No Muscle Bulk This is what i get asked A lot. But Kettlebell training does not build muscle bulk because the typical training programs are made up of mostly ballistic movements. Unlike grinding moves, it does not isolate any muscles group that is essential in building muscle bulk. The truth is, women do not possess the level of muscle-building hormones like the men have to gain muscle bulk with any form of weight lifting.

3. Shape the Butt It is fantastic for shaping up the butt because many of the exercises such as Swing, Swing to clean and Snatches are initiated from the hip movement. As a result, the glutes muscle which is the bum is engaged very often giving your Bum a great workout.

4. Improved tone in the Body Because this training increase lean tissue mass, it would naturally improved the tone in the body that would help any women fit better into their clothes.

5. Post exercise Fat Burning Effects Kettlebell training induced post-exercise fat-burning effect in the body due to its compound movements and high-intensity nature. Different from most aerobics exercise, the post-exercise fat-burning effects allows the body to use more fat as energy at rest and during low-intensity physical activities. As such, more fat will be burned and for longer.

6. Cardio Fitness With high reps of kettlebell ballistic movement based exercises, it requires high level of effort and is great for improving cardio fitness.

7. Prevent Osteoporosis Regrettably, women are much more prone to osteoporosis than men. It is a loss of bone mass caused by reduction of estrogen after menopause. But some Good News is that kettlebell training which is a form of resistance training that can prevent this situation.

8. Prevent Sarcopenia Sarcopenia occurs when muscular strength declines with increasing age. It is caused by the loss of muscle tissue. Again, women are very much affected by this situation because they have less muscle fibre than men to begin with. However, strength training from kettlebell can prevent loss of strength and muscle mass. As a result, it help stops sarcopenia.

9. Prevent Injuries This form of exercise focuses on movements and it differs very much from the traditional bodybuilding type training that focuses on loading strains on target muscle group. Because movement efficiency is enhanced due to kettlebell training, injuries are greatly reduced by fixing the compensation and imbalances in the body.

10. Time-saving This is most important of all to some that don’t have the time, you do not need to spend hours that you would with typical programs to see the results. Kettlebell training is

high-intensity strength and cardio workout that forces the body to burn fat fast.

In conclusion, kettlebell training is a great training tool for women not only in terms of improving physical appearance but also improving overall health and all-round fitness.

Especially for women who hit a plateau with training progress, kettlebell training can be a solution to break out of it.

Remember that I believe in:

The Foundation of Health begins with Strength

So if you want to make the best investment of your life (which is you)then

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