3 Step Halloween Damage Control Plan

Hey Jason here! If you accidentally ate too much Halloween sweets and chocolate last night (or for the last month) then in just a sec, I’m going to show you how to burn it off in 3 simple steps.

Okay Let’s get down to business. Here’s 3 tricks to burn off the treats and beat a sugar coma… Step 1: Drink a lots of water Ok maybe not that much. But you get the point. DRINK WATER. It really is the secret remedy to most ailments and will help flush the toxic stuff out of your body. Step 2: Throw out the leftovers If you have leftover sweets, chocolate and Drink laying around, you will eat/drink it... eventually. So throw it out NOW. No excuses. Do it right now - I’ll even wait for you… Or give it to your neighbours. Otherwise, I’ll come to your house and confiscate it. No joke, I have in fact been on a “Chocolate bust” at a client’s house just today! Step 3: Follow this Simple Plan at the-trainers-edge autumn Maybe you’ve fallen off the wagon pretty hard the last few days (or weeks… I hope not!) and totally let yourself go…

Then you gotta get back on track... When you train with me I can use my fat-burning routines, you’ll drop excess weight as fast and safely as possible to shrink your belly, rev your metabolism and jumpstart your results in a healthy way. Extra tip: If you did go overboard yesterday (and it happens) Do NOT beat yourself up about it. Move on. Eliminate it from your mind. Be present in the now. Stay positive and focus on what your next healthy meal will be. We’re all human…. And I do know that beating yourself up about it doesn’t help and won’t change anything. So… Give those 3 “tricks” a shot and you’ll be feeling a million times better by the end of day. Have an awesome one! Your Coach. Jason

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