Acquire a Strong Core With One Exercise!

Hi All...

If you are considering obtaining a strong core then you have got to think seriously about using kettlebell thrusters to get there.

This single exercise exerts almost every muscle in your body to the maximum.

I guarantee you will get an effective workout! with this Single movement.

Keep reading on if you want to increase strength to your core and get as fit as possible.

> Obtaining A Strong Core! <

If you are seeking to get some major core strength then you need to understand that you can't expect to do sit ups in order to do so. In fact, if you are wanting to strengthening your core then you need to either engage in a dynamic core strengthening exercise or a static one, but neither one should involve spinal flexion in the form of crunches or sit ups.

Yep That's Correct, I said no sit ups!

If we are talking about strengthening our core muscles then we imply that we want to engage many more muscles than just the rectus abdominis muscle.

In order to genuinely strengthen your core you have got to work on the muscles that run deep to the rectus abdominis and are lateral and posterior also.

This is going to best be done through forcing stabilisation on the midsection either through a static move (such as a plank) or a dynamic one (such as kettlebell thrusters).

> So what are kettlebell thrusters? <

Okay, kettlebell thrusters are performed by making use of at least a single kettlebell (or Double Kettlebells) of moderate resistance.

• The exercise is done by first cleaning and racking the kettlebell to your chest and performing a front squat maintaining the rack and position of the bell in front of your body.

• As you squat you want to make sure to descend down enough to try to touch your elbow to the inside of your knee.

As you come up out of the squat you will want to lock out and press the bell overhead.

• Once you press the bell then lower it back down to the rack position and descend back into the next squat rep.

Keep performing this squat and pressing motion continuously throughout the desired number of reps.

If you haven't already started to engage in kettlebell thrusters for your core training then you are missing out.

Take the time to learn more by accessing more of my articles on Facebook and on my Web site on this subject and many others for free.

Be Sure that most anyone can train hard, Yet only the best train smart!

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